I am writing today to tell a story of a fantastic experience I had at the endodontist’s office the other day…but let’s go back a little ways to what exactly brought me to the office of Dr. Jason Glassley…

Somewhere around the last week of July, 2010, I began having an ache in a tooth. So of course I saw my regular dentist, who referred me to an oral surgeon, which then it was concluded that I needed a root canal. I was scheduled to see yet another unfamiliar doctor (Dr. Jason Glassley) to perform yet another procedure on a tooth and I was already anxious and nervous, but I knew I had a full week before the appointment to prepare for it. But just a few more days later, the pain became so severe that I had to call Dr. Glassley’s office and “beg” to be seen that same day. Megan was wonderful on the telephone and explained that there happened to be an opening that afternoon – it was my lucky day! Seemed that the pain in my tooth became less and less tolerable with each minute that passed. I was not ready for this, but I knew I had to do it. It was to be my 4th root canal and needless to say, I never ever really liked going through it! I do not make a very good patient since my nerves and anxiety get the best of me! Within minutes I met Dr. Glassley and I immediately felt comfortable with him, along with his assistant. Everything about the procedure was explained to me in detail, I was able to ask questions and felt that I was never being rushed. It seemed like I was only in the chair for 30 minutes from start to finish, and by the time the doctor told me I was done, I just knew he had taken great care of me. It has been 4 days since that root canal and I feel like a million bucks. No pain, not even a twitch, no need for pain reliever – NOTHING! I am so incredibly happy with Dr. Glassley and his caring staff that I have no problem telling everyone I know about my experience. Honestly, I have never been so comfortable in a procedure that I disliked so much in the past – it’s a miracle!!!
If I ever have to go through a 5th root canal, I’m  going to be calling Fort Wayne Endodontics to see Dr. Jason Glassley, AND I’ll be happy to have it done, no problem! I just can’t thank him enough.

~ Jayne P. ~

I came to Dr. Glassley's office a palm sweating, dry mouthed bag of nerves and left feeling fine.  When I expressed all my worries about my root canal to Dr. Glassley and his staff he was very understanding. He explained each step to me and ensured I was comfortable at all times.  The understanding he showed concerning my anxiety was amazing.  I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure and have had no problems after.  I would recommend Dr. Glassley to anyone but especially to those who fear dental procedures.

~ Lisa P. ~

I just want to take a moment and thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received this week when you performed a root canal on me.

I drive over 60 miles from Celina, Ohio to your office when I need your services and the reasons are many.

You always make sure that the procedure is done right and without pain. This was the second root canal you’ve done for me and both times I felt no pain during or after. I know that you will take the time to thoroughly analyze my problem and insure that the procedure is completed properly the first time. In fact, this last visit ran longer than you thought it would but because of the shape of one of the canals you took extra time to make sure it was properly cleaned and treated.

I like the way you take time to explain beforehand exactly what will happen and why. The people on your staff all have that same caring and professional manner about them and clearly have the same high professional standards. It’s obvious from the moment you walk in the door that yours is a practice that utilizes the latest techniques, equipment, and training to provide a first rate service.

So again, thank you for your care and effort on my behalf.

~ Jeff M. ~